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Our ewes are busy lambing this month. We have 12 ewes to lamb this year. 10 ewes have already had lambs with 2 having triplets! It is wonderful having the lambs around again.....

Tarn the Patterdale puppy has arrived!

We now have a new addition to the animals at Green Farm B&B.....a new puppy! Tarn arrived last week and is just over 7 months old. He is another Patterdale and already gets on well with Tiggy.

Bees ready for Winter

The hives of honeybees are now ready for winter. I have just put the mouseguards over the hive entrance to stop mice moving in and eating the honey and wax stores during the cold wet months. I have also put bricks on the roof to help stop the hives being blown over. All I have to do now is wrap the hive in wire netting to stop the Green Woodpecker attacking the hives. He may do this when the ground…